Winter in Ross

Winter is well and truly on to us! The trees are picturesque in their bare state. The reflections of the bridge are perfect on still frosty mornings. The beanie and scarf get a good workout. Great thing, we have great heaters and wood fires. Guests are enjoying the quiet short days with lovely brisk walks around our quaint little village. As I stood outside the door of the B&B this morning all I could hear was a couple of distant sheep barrring, frogs and a magpies. Yes, business is quiet, a welcome break from our busy summer days. But guests are still dribbling in. Those that do come love the serenity. Many guests take the opportunity of lower door rates to stay a few days. They love coming back to their own warm cottage after a day of exploring. Judging by the amount of empty red wine bottles we find, “happy hour’ by the fire was enjoyed. Check out our slow season prices. If you wish to stay multi nights contact us for a quote. I’d love to look after you with cheaper rates and let you enjoy one of the best kept secrets. Oh, another thing. If you choose to stay a few nights, find out whether I can give you a personal FREE walking tour around our village. I have been conducting walking tours for groups around Ross since 1985- Tim Johnson