Ross in Autumn

The Summer has been spectacular in Ross, a little too hot for us Tassie residents on some days. Alas Autumn is soon upon us. Officially March marks the beginning of Autumn. In our long experience March is the  most reliable month for great weather, not too hot or cold. The start of March is already very busy for us, nearly full for the first two weeks. But don’t despair there are a couple of vacancies during that time, and the last two weeks of March we have vacancies, but they usually fill quickly. Once the leaves start to golden up visitors to our lovely village will see another reason as to  why we  live here. Autumn is absolutely spectacular. When the leaves start falling it’s  difficult to distinguish the road from the footpath.

Plan to visit Tasmania in Autumn? You will be missing out on something very special if you don’t stay with us at either Colonial Cottages of Ross or the Ross B&B Accommodation