Ross Bridge 1836


The Ross Bridge in Ross Tasmania is one of this tourism state’s most well recognised icons. It is highly recommended to stay in Ross to see the bridge in all its lighting moods. Early morning mist over the Macquarie river, mid day shadows and bright red sunsets provide unique settings for the photographer. The Colonial Cottages of Ross and the Ross B&B Accommodation are ideal places to stay to enjoy this unique attraction. The quiet leafy streets of Ross, complimented by the convict built sandstone cottages adds to the pleasure of the many visitors to this unique village.

Built from Sandstone, finished in 1836

* Labour used was all convict.

* Widely considered as the most decorative of this type of bridge in the world

* Contains over 186 carvings on the faces of the three arches

* The most influential artist behind the creation of the carvings in convict Daniel Herbert. Herbert continued to live in Ross after he became a free man.

* The artwork depicts Celtic symbols, faces of local politicians and well known local characters. Even the Christian theologian John Calvin is on the bridge

* Herbert carved a self portrait and his future wife on the bridge

* The Bridge is floodlit at night

* The Colonial Cottages of Ross and the Ross B&B are all within a close walking distance to the bridge

* Tim Johnson has provided walking tours of the village of Ross and the bridge since 1985. His tours have featured in most of the popular travel shows and many publications including the American National Geographic magazine “Traveller”