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Leanne thanks you for visiting this site. Hopefully this page will assist you in learning more about us.

Contacting us


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If you need to ring, our preferred number is 0408337568. Our land-line is 03 63815354

Our rates and vacancies

The online data on our web site is the most up to date information. Have a look at our accommodation options and follow links to the rates and vacancies pages. If something isn’t clear, or the rates pages are down, please feel free to contact us by one of the above methods. To see rates/vacancies or to book click either here: Colonial Cottages of Ross (self contained cottages) or Ross B&B Accommodation (Bed and breakfast)

About us:

Facts in Brief:

* Tim and Sue Johnson started the business  in Ross in 1987

* They were always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the experience of guests

* Leanne Harvey has taken over the business in 2019. Previously she was employed to assist with the operation of the business. She now adds her own flair to the innovative approach she has inherited from Tim and Sue


Leanne Harvey and her husband are born and raised Ross people. They are very proud of their heritage and enjoy sharing their village with their guest.

History of the business

Sue and Tim Johnson bought their first home in Ross in 1982 and had been operating businesses in the historic village from 1983 to 2019. They decided to use their first home as accommodation (Now known as Hudson Cottage) in 1987. They loved the cottage and didn’t have the heart to sell it or just put tenants into it. By making it accommodation they could keep it and still “play house”. It worked wonderfully. They continued this trend and restored Apple Dumpling cottage in 1988, then Church Mouse cottage, then Captain Samuel’s cottage. Their  friends Arthur and Anne bought Apple Dumpling cottage from Sue and Tim and now use it as their home. They then decided to convert their home/reception into a B&B/reception. So the Ross B&B Accommodation was born. This extra dimension to the business has provided a greater variety to offer guests.  Church Mouse Cottage has now been replaced by Cupid’s Nest c.1830.

Our philosophy for our accommodation

We don’t believe in just doing things the conventional way. We get an idea and explore the best way to do it, not “how do others do it”. We believe that the product we offer is unique and fun for guests. Our primary goal is for comfort combined with the historic experience guests have. This element of historic experience is important as it compliments the village which is officially the most significant convict village in Australia. Unlike most accommodation places we don’t just try to achieve star rating from AAA if we believe the requirements to achieve extra points may compromise the enjoyment and comfort of guests.

For more details about our business, please visit the FAQ page