About us: Sue and Tim Johnson


Sue and Tim Johnson thank you for visiting this site. Hopefully this page will assist you in learning more about us and contacting us.

Contacting us


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If you need to ring, our preferred number is 0417522354. Our land-line is 03 63815354

Our rates and vacancies

The online data on our web site is the most up to date information. Have a look at our accommodation options and follow links to the rates and vacancies pages. If something isn’t clear, or the rates pages are down, please feel free to contact us by one of the above methods. To see rates/vacancies or to book click either here: Colonial Cottages of Ross (self contained cottages) or Ross B&B Accommodation (Bed and breakfast)

About us:

Facts in Brief:

* Owner operators of businesses in Ross since 1983

* Operated Tourist accommodation since 1987

* Always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the experience of guests

* Tim and Sue are ‘get your hands dirty’ people. Sue is the main player behind the gardens. Tim enjoys the restoration and ongoing maintenance and administration.

* Some funds raised with our accommodation supports Suicide prevention education and Men’s Health awareness


Sue and I bought our first home in Ross in 1982 and have been operating businesses in the historic village since 1983. We decided to use our first home as accommodation (Now known as Hudson Cottage) in 1987. We loved the cottage and didn’t have the heart to sell it or just put tenants into it. By making it accommodation we can keep it and still “play house”. It worked wonderfully. We continued this trend and restored Apple Dumpling cottage in 1988, then Church Mouse cottage, then Captain Samuel’s cottage. Our friends Arthur and Anne bought Apple Dumpling cottage from us and now use it as their home. We then decided to convert our home/reception into a B&B/reception. So the Ross B&B Accommodation was born. This extra dimension to our business has provided us with a greater variety to offer guests. We don’t have Church Mouse Cottage now, but we have now restored our latest cottage, Cupid’s Nest c.1830.

Our Family

Sue and I have two wonderful children. Markham and Claire. Both grown and left home. We are very proud of them and are both doing very well developing their own lives and life history.

Our philosophy for our accommodation

We don’t believe in just doing things the conventional way. We get an idea and explore the best way to do it, not “how do others do it”. We believe that the product we offer is unique and fun for guests. Our primary goal is for comfort combined with the historic experience guests have. This element of historic experience is important as it compliments the village which is officially the most significant convict village in Australia. Unlike most accommodation places we don’t just try to achieve star rating from AAA if we believe the requirements to achieve extra points may compromise the enjoyment and comfort of guests.

What else do we do besides accommodation?

We live busy lives. As well as operating the accommodation, Sue works .5 as a registered nurse. I have, since 1997, been a specialist in suicide prevention and men’s health. I provide training to groups of professionals and community groups awareness workshops on these very important issues. Government funding is no longer available for this valuable work. Although some funds come from the community, the accommodation business is the major sponsor. So some of your money you pay to stay with us contributes to this important work. Often I am away speaking to a group or researching an important aspect to men’s health or suicide. This leads me to another idea we have introduced into our business. When guests arrive at our reception we may not answer the door bell. Instructions tell them how to use our intercom. This connects you to either Sue or I. We have a security system set-up to enable you to move in if we are away from the office. Its unique, the beauty of this system is that guests know we make ourselves available 24 hours if there is a problem. Often guests use this system and we may only be a few doors away, so it gives us a clever way of running the business without always having to be behind the reception door. Not that we have left the business running on its own, we have competent staff in the village to assist in the hands on work of the business. Restoring old things has been a lifetime leisure activity of mine, Sue has also become involved in this satisfying pastime.

History and guided tours of Ross

Since 1983 I have been conducting walking tours of Ross where I provide an interesting story of the rich history of Ross. Our bridge is the main feature of the talk where I reveal the stories behind the 186 carvings that are located on the sides of the bridge. Click here to see some of these carvings. Because we are so busy with our family and work commitments I am not as available to provide these tours as much as I would like. I only make myself available for larger groups these days. When you contact me feel free to inquire what I can offer you for a tour if you are interested.

Why are we in the accommodation business?

We love meeting guests that stay with us. Many guests have become personal friends of ours over the years. We also love to preserve the old buildings and develop their historic gardens. We used to have antique shops, so preserving furniture and furnishings is important to us, especially if they are being used while being saved. I also enjoy playing with old cars. We have the same philosophy with the cars as we have for our old buildings, we are only caretakers of these great examples of the past, we are only custodians until we pass the responsibility and enjoyment onto the next people. In the meantime we enjoy what we own.

For more details about our business, please visit the FAQ page