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Bird BathFAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What about breakfast?
B&B rooms breakfast:
Breakfast provisions are included in the B&B. We provide 3 x types of cereal, 2x slices of bread per person, a selection of condiments to put on the toast, orange juice, 2 fruits, milk, tea and coffee. The B&B is unique in the sense it is self catering (breakfast only). It is a clone of the traditional B&B and the cottages. Personally we don't feel comfortable staying in B&B's where the host serves you. So we decided to set up the B&B with this in mind.

Self Contained Cottage breakfast:
We provided breakfast provisions at the cottages on request. We provide the same as we do in the B&B. An extra fee applies for us to include breakfast at the cottages. Breakfast needs to be booked before the day. You may choose to book your breakfast for just 1 or multi nights you are staying. To book the breakfast online click here for our secure page or ring Tim 0417522354.
What happened to Church Mouse Cottage?
Previous guests or those that have read about this cottage elsewhere may be wondering why it isn't available on this site. We were leasing the building since 1991. The owners decided to sell. Although we are very sad about loosing this wonderful product, we are even more delighted that we have replaced Church Mouse with another 1 bedroom cottage called Cupid's Nest. Cupid's Nest has been receiving a fantastic response from guests. We wanted to setup a very special sandstone romantic destination. We have certainly achieve this. I'm confident you will agree.

Do you provide linen?
Yes we do. All cottages and B&B rooms include sheets, blankets, towels, hand towels, bath mats, face washers, tea towels, dish clothes.
Are you children friendly?
We are often asked if we welcome children . Yes we do. We find that children love the uniqueness of the cottages and behave very well. The parents know their children's limitations. Anything damaged is the parents concern initially. However, please note the B&B isn't suitable for children under say 12-13.
Do you supply firewood?

Yes we do for the cottages. It is getting very expensive and hard to get. Some people enjoy the fires for atmosphere only, which is fine if only a small portion is consumed. When the weather is cool the fires are a welcome necessity. Some people burn far too much wood and ignore the environmental damage (and potential harm to themselves from getting too hot, getting a body shock when stepping outside). The wood heaters can potentially heat up your cottage until it practically peels the paint off the walls, but that is just plain dumb. We don't have wood heating in the B&B.
Can we bring pets?
Depends what they are. We have a total ban on elephants and monkeys. We have heard they can be destructive. Some dogs are destructive as well. Our cute Labrador died during 2010. She wasn't destructive but shed hair all year round. If you have a dog that wrecks like the cartoon character "taz" or looses hair like our "Deli" used to they can come if they stay in your car. Our garden may not be safe from the destruction either. We have dog owners that regularly stay with us that have well behaved pets. They have their own bedding and are always welcome. We will let you decide if your loved pet would be welcome. You need to ask us if they can come. The B&B is not suitable for pets. We will ask for your CC details and reserve the right to charge extra for extra cleaning or repairs if necessary.
Do you service the rooms/cottages daily for a multi night stay?
Guests in the cottages are left alone during their stay to enjoy privacy. For a stay of 7 or more days we negotiate with the guests as to when or if it suits to send cleaners in every few days. At the B&B we change towels each day for multi night stays.
What are the Beds and mattresses' like?
Tim is 6'4" (tall in the old and new measurements). When traveling we are very fussy about the quality of beds. Too saggy is disaster. We have reflected our fussiness in the beds we provide. We buy straight from the wholesaler the best possible mattress that is suitable for commercial use. Some have doonas and some have blankets and bed spreads. 
What sort of cots do you provide?
We have two cots. Both meet Australian standards and are port a-cots. If we know guests require a cot it is set up in the cottage before guests arrive. If you prefer the cot in another bedroom other than your own (ie. in the spare room) let us know in your booking sheet notes.
Are your cottages genuine historic buildings?
yep. The oldest is 1830 (Captain Samuel's cottage and Cupid's Nest). Hudson Cottage is 1850. The youngest is the B&B which is 1927. Tim and Sue have restored each of the buildings in a way that retains the historic nature of the building but offers more modern comforts.
Do you have a bath or spa?
Many people love to have a good soak and romantic spa. However many non city regions of Tasmania have water that isn't fantastic. Sometimes the water in Ross can be tainted in colour. We have removed most of our baths because of this. The exception is Captain Samuel's cottage which still has a shower-over-bath.
Is the water in Ross drinkable?
We had a big problem in 2007-2008 with our water quality. A new pipeline now supplies a new fresher (and hopefully clean) water to the village. If the water becomes tainted (see comment above) we will provide you with rain water. You will not need to bring your own or to buy water.
Are your properties wheel chair suitable?
Officially none of the rooms/cottages are suitable for wheel chairs. However we have many people stay with us that have special requirements in regards to mobility. The smart thing to do is ring us direct to ask specifically. From your requirements we can advise each room/cottage may suit best. Ring either 0363815354 or 0417522354. All our properties are ground floor. The most amount of steps we have is the front door of the B&B, which has 3 steps.
How come Ross won the National Heritage and Cultural award from Tidy Towns and was awarded Tasmania's tidiest town in 2007-2008?
Well actually, no one has asked that question! I just wanted an excuse to mention it. Those that have visited Ross don't ask that question. Its so obvious. It adds to the other official point of notoriety as the "most significant historic village in Australia"-National fabric study
Do we have to mow the lawns and do gardening while we are staying with you?
The lawns are cool, leave them to me. Same with the gardens, although some people have been known to help themselves to fruit off trees and pick a flower or two, that's ok. Some people have told us that gardening is relaxing for them and would love to do something. If you are one of those people talk to us at the reception. I can't believe people are like this, but then again Sue loves it.
Eating out in Ross?
Through the day time there are many options for eating. In the evening the Man O Ross is the only eating out location in Ross. At time of writing the hotel has new operators and are providing meals 7 days a week. Feedback from guests has been enthusiastically positive. There are many more eating out options in Campbell Town, 8 minutes North.
So what is so special about Ross?
Don't know where to start. Is it the trees? English gardens? Quiet? Historic Georgian stone cottages? Atmosphere? us? Central location in Tasmania? The famous Bridge? Our fantastic accommodation? The people? So many people return to Ross for various reasons, once you have visited you will most likely also become a repeat visitor.
Do you provide business facilities?
If you have your laptop you can access our broadband free of charge. So far we are able to provide the wireless service from the B&B and the area immediately around the building. Cottage guests will be able to access the service from there. Ask at time of check in about the passwords. Most people enjoy the tranquility of the Historic village. Crack the red, put your feet up. The fax or email can wait.
Do you have landline phones?
No. There are some payphones central to all our accommodation. See the photo of them on the "Ross village page"
Is there a mobile signal in Ross?
Yes, especially if you are with Telstra or Optus. If you have connection with other brands you will have trouble with signal outside Hobart and Launceston. Parts of the cottages sometimes have poor signal. Our web page about the cottages specifically informs you of signal strength in each cottage.
Is there enough to do if I stay several days?
Yes. In the village there is tons to enjoy, the shops etc that I list on the Ross village page. Most people prefer to stay several days because they wish to stay in the cottage and stare into each other's eyes. We are cool with that. You can also enjoy day drives to the East coast, Launceston, Hobart, Campbell Town, Oatlands, the lakes and many other places. One thing that is a sure bet, people who choose to stay only one night often comment they wished they were staying multi nights.
Are the owners sexy?
You wouldn't believe how many times we get asked this question. I say Sue is, Sue says I am. Well that just about covers that question. To learn more about us, you can click here.
How come the question I was wanting to ask isn't on this list?
This list is a working document. Email me your question, I'll answer it and if suitable, will add it to the list



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